Connecting with God

It has been half term so the kids have been off school for two weeks which means a very different routine.  We went on holiday for a week and I have then been working and decorating two bedrooms in the second week of half term so have totally broken my usual routine. I realise that my routine helps me feel connected with God. Every morning I read my Bible and when I do the 15 minute drive from school and then back without the kids in the car I have my Christian podcast on. When I am at home alone I have my worship music on in the background and spend an afternoon a week preparing for Worshipcise but all those things have stopped whilst being in the holidays.  I felt like I had failed but then God reminded me that I met him in new ways this over the last two weeks:

I ran by the sea and that always makes me feel connected to God

I ate a picnic watching seals sunbathe

I smiled and laughed as my kids ran into the sea in their pants and coats

I went to church and had the courage to go to the front and pray victory for someone who I know is struggling

I prayed for help to release the expectation I have of getting all the painting finished and had an amazing afternoon with the kids that I will never forget

I carved a pumpkin with a cross in it with the kids

The devil had made me believe I had lost my connection with God but actually I haven’t. There is a reason that God says to put on armour and that is because we are in a war. Without the armour we can feel very powerless and alone. Without spending time immersed in God and flooding our brains with truth we can easily stray from the right path in our minds and feel uneasy.  Galations 5:17 says “for the flesh constantly has a strong desire to suppress the Spirit, and the Spirit constantly has a strong desire to suppress to flesh, and these are entrenched in an attitude of mutual opposition to one another”. Worshipcise is another opportunity to give strength to the spirit and mind.  Our thoughts and words are so powerful when spoken with God’s truth so let us pray,

Lord God, we thank you for victory and thank you for the tools you have given us to proclaim that victory even when we haven’t seen it come to pass yet in our lives. Thank you for fighting for us even when we don’t even realise that you are. Help us to hear your truths tonight in this time of fellowship and take those truths out into the world this week to we may help others also, in Jesus name, Amen. 

How have you connected with God this week?

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