God is my best friend

Now I know you won’t believe this, but I was a bit of a geek at school! I really struggled with having good friends who would stand by me. My Mum used to say I was an old soul and I guess that is still true now.  I know I am a bit eccentric with the things I like and do and sometimes I still find it hard to feel at peace about this. I went away with a group of girlfriends last weekend and felt on edge a lot of the time. They are not Christians and I felt that during the weekend. I laughed a lot, but old insecurities reared their ugly head and I have been praying about this this week then God reminded me that he is my best friend and I am so lucky as he is the only best friend I actually need. I can go to him with every problem and know he won’t turn me away and will always listen to me.  Jesus will always be honest with me.  Jesus will never abandon me, or leave feeling lonely or let me fight my battles on my own. He will encourage me, lift me up and help me through good and bad times. I know that He will accept me for who I am because that is exactly how he made me…completely unique and that isn’t something to worry about, but something to praise Him for. Jesus wants the best for me and to become the best version of myself.  It is safe and awesome to be different.  A friend can only communicate with us in a few ways but God is able to manifest his love of us through countless ways like the wonder of nature and what I call nods from God, little things that happen in my day that only God can do like this weekend there always being a car park space easy to get into when driving Jim’s massive van or when the sun shone in my face when I was doing something for God.  I have started to keep a journal of these little things so I don’t overlook the wonder that is having God as a best friend.

God is our best friend and that we don’t need anyone else except Him.   Hebrews 13:5 says “God will never leave us or forsake us”. We can pray for God to help us to remember that we feel insecure or afraid that we are unique but that is how you created us to be. Help us to know we are loved and feel safe in that love to be completely ourselves. We can learn more about God so that we may become better friends and more like Him.

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