God is the star of the movie

Why am I so quick to forget God? I read a book that likened it to a movie.  The world from before creation to when Jesus returns is all about God.  He is the main character from the start to finish and yet we make it all about ourselves.  1 Corinthians 10:31 says “so whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”.  We are but a mist in time. Throughout time, between 45 billion and 125 billion people have lived on this earth and we should be making sure our tiny fraction of time is used in the best way possible to glorify God.  So would your life look much different if you stopped believing in God.

I decided to write down the answer to this question.  I would have loads more time.  Sunday mornings would be free to laze about.  I’d have Thursday nights free to watch rugby and more time to watch Netflix and more sleep as I wouldn’t need to wake up earlier BUT I would lose my purpose, the reason for my gifts, no excitement of wondering what adventures God may give me, no faith, no best friend, no one who knows me inside and out, no belief that there is someone who wants the best for me and has plans for my good and no Holy Spirit to make me a better person.  Sounds like the main character of the movie i.e. God, is an imperative part of my story too and worthy of all our worship and praise.

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