God’s grace

What I love about God is that no matter how many times you mess up He never gives up on us. No matter how ashamed we feel of our actions and how much we beat ourselves up about them He is always ready to forgive us and we just have to be able to forgive ourselves. I hate it when I am reminded that I am only human. I hate having to swallow my pride and apologise. I hate the feeling of wanting to wallow in self-pity when i make mistakes, like I should have learnt to be perfect by now. Jesus made it look so easy didn’t He.

It takes lungs about seven years to regain a clean colour after someone gives up smoking and often i feel like my failures are like these lungs, the scars are still evident on me and I haven’t let God heal me but instead stay unhealthily attached to the darkness that sin brought me but God has been trying to remind me this week that trials will come, I will make mistakes and He loves me still. He doesn’t need me to feel shame and guilt. He has forgiven me by His grace and He does the same for you so if there is something, some circumstance or situation where you have given a human response and not a God response just give it to god and allow Him to forgive you and give you permission to move on so nothing gets in the way of worship, praise and opportunities to have your undivided attention which is all He wants.


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