Living an abundant life

My dream of swimming with turtles was fulfilled in October 2022 when I went snorkelling in Bali. God made clear to me how this experience was much like a decision to live the abundant life that God has already given us. So many people live with their heads above the water, totally unaware of the beauty of the life God can show us if we dare to put our head under the water and see life from a different perspective. God’s world is utterly beautiful and teeming with colour, variety and most of all the unexpected. This ocean can be likened to our inner world with God. The more we spend time in this inner world, the more we see and experience what we could never have imagined if we kept our heads above the water line. How beautiful our world looks is up to us and how much time we spend exploring God’s world.  When we spend time with God, or under the ocean (in this analogy) the more we see the miraculous.  I want to see the hidden depths of God and experience the wonder and surprise only God can provide in every moment of my life. When we arrived at the snorkelling site I made it very clear I was there to see turtles.  The guide said he couldn’t guarantee seeing them and I said I know I will see them as I have prayed about it and had faith that I would see them.  He looked at me bemused about my belief but I knew I would see them and sure enough at the second site a turtle had come up for air and so I jumped in and watched it swim. I can ask for miracles knowing God can make them happen. This world was astonishing, and I could have stayed under the sea for so long. This inner world that God and I share is just mine and His, it will never look like anyone else’s.  Yours will be different but equally as abundant. God has miracles just for you, prayers that He will only answer for you.  He is longing to show you, He wants to pour out blessings on you.  He wants to lavishly give you experiences of His love but He can’t do this is you stay on the surface.  We have to dive deep on this awe-inspiring journey that is just for you. Spend time with Him, invite Him in, allow Him to show you secret places that may feel frightening but He can light up and make safe. The more you explore God the more you can distinguish between His voice and everyone else’s. When you can always find the Father’s voice, the world changes for good.

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