A bit about me

My name is Jo, I am a Mum of 3 boys, a wife and a personal trainer. I got baptised two years ago and God is taking me on a spiritual journey that I want to share with you about how I can use my skills, knowledge and passion to become fitter for God.

Read my blog if you want to get fitter in mind, body and spirit from someone who is also on this journey and who gets it wrong so much more than i get it right! My aim is to help people find a balance to life where God is at the heart of it. I cover topics like exercise, rest, food (one of my favourite things in life!), being a Mum, failing at being superwoman, our body image and all the lessons God is trying to teach me in my life as a Christian personal trainer.

4 thoughts on “A bit about me

  1. Wonderful vision you have been given to help ladies exercise and draw near to God through it.
    In lockdown I exercised with a group that was formed by Coreen a Christian personal trainer like yourself and God gave her the vision to start this group by exercising to the passage in Ephesians 6 verses 10 to 18 while worship music was playing. It so helped us put on God’s Armour.
    It was truly helpful we prayed before hand and after and we were all spaced out in England but became close sisters in the Lord.
    Coreen still has some classes and its good to catch up when I can.
    I hope to keep in touch thank you and God bless all you do in your life.
    Pauline x


    1. Thank you Pauline for commenting, I am so pleased you are using worship to exercise, it makes it so powerful. Do get Coreen to get in touch if she wants to get together


    1. Hi Pauline, thank you for getting in touch. If you click on the you tube icon you can access the previous workouts on there. If you want to come in person you can book on through the booking site, I hope this makes sense x


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