God is always with us

In the summer I was invited to go to Creationfest, a Christian festival in Cornwall.  I have never been to a Christian festival before and went on my own which is another highly unusual event.  I went to share Worshipcise with those who were there, but God was trying to teach me a lesson which had to go to great lengths to teach me as I clearly wasn’t listening.  I stood in a field in the middle of Cornwall, six hours away from home and away from my husband and children for God to make it very clear that Worshipcise is about Him.  If no one came, was I willing to stand in a field and worship Him anyway…wasn’t that what Worshipcise is all about. I have to say at first I felt shame, embarrassment and humiliation as I thought I would be there dancing alone while people looked at me thinking I was odd but that night I prayed and the Holy Spirit filled me with peace because I realised I am never alone, God is always with me and desperate for me to connect with him. So today, I ask why do you worship? Is it for you or for Him? Do you try to connect to God and give him the time He deserves.  Would you be willing to worship Him even if you were alone? Let’s take this back to basics…”Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (Corinthians 10:31).  We are here for Him, we are here to worship, we are here to listen to the what the Holy Spirit has to say to us.  Today let us seek God first because nothing else matters. I want to be so full of the holy spirit that I am bold, courageous and willing to look foolish in order to honour Him. We are your warriors for God and are never alone as He is always with us

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