You are beautiful

I am going to challenge you because this issue keeps coming up for me so God either wants me to get it or you or both so I’m going to ask you to stand in front of the mirror.  What do you see? Do you see a child of God or do you straight away focus on all the bits of the body you don’t like that much?  Do you look at your legs and thank God they work and can do God’s works.  Do you look at your mouth and thank God we can use it to praise God and tell others about Him.  Do you look at your hands and thank God they can be used to do good.  If you stood in front of that mirror today with no other influences, no social media telling you how “should” look, just Biblical truth, how would you look at yourself differently?  Would you no longer believe the lies the Devil has thrown out into the world but instead KNOW that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, that you are created in God’s image, that there is no flaw in you.  If these are truths that are not yet real for you, take a moment to say them in your heart and mind so we remember who our bodies are designed by and for.  Look at the parts in the mirror you don’t normally look at and thank God for them. 

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