Be still

I arrived to drop Frankie off at my Mum’s house this morning and found my dad sitting in the garden with his bible. He looked so peaceful and it just reminded me of the verse “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).  It has been a beautifully sunny day today. How much time have you spent enjoying it? Have you actually looked out and appreciated the flowers, sky, sun and trees today? You may have been at work rushing around but doesn’t God deserve some time to be thanked for it all.  At the end of my bootcamp today, inspired by my Dad, I laid in the grass and looked upa the trees, just spending time in awe that God knows exactly how many leaves, branches and pine cones are on each of the trees.  He knows everything.  He even knows the movement of the animals in the coldest part of the ocean.  It’s just mind blowing!  When we rush, we don’t notice the miracles right in front of our eyes.  

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