Giving an account of our lives

Last year as I stood in a field with my stereo cranked up to full volume at a festival ready to dance alone doing Worshipcise it was made very clear to me that Worshipcise is about God first.  It is an hour out of our week to worship.  What pleases God most about Worshipcise is, I believe, about what we do with the investment of time we have made together.  The energy we expend should mirror the energy we should be giving to fulfilling the commandments of loving one another.  The words should act as reminders of God’s promises to us so when we are struggling with setbacks we can remember them.  I know the Bible says at the end of our life we will give an account of our lives but I also cherish the idea that the seeds we have sown, we will get to see the fruits from the seeds we sew. Maybe this week we have given a lot of others and are not sure whether its made any difference.  It makes a difference to God and its for his glory we do it for so keep sewing seeds and use each day to refuel on the Holy Spirit, give thanks and praise to God who has chosen us to do the good works and get ready for the new battles that God knows are coming. No time for God is ever wasted.

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