Living in the presence of God

Inspired by one of my friends who writes so eloquently about the love of God I decided to give it a go myself…I hope it strengthens you and helps you see a side of God you not seen before:

Living in the presence of God

It is the warmth of being enclosed in feathers under His wings,

The fluid around a baby safe in its mother’s womb,

The overflow of a waterfall, the sound of the angels deafening our fears,

The exhale of breath when all is well,

The roar of a lion protecting it’s own.

It’s an outrageous expectation of the miraculous,

The melody of a song only you can sing

The hidden whisperings in your heart that tells you, you are enough, that you are recklessly loved

like a burning fire unashamedly spreading, the wind that blows its own course, the waves crashing, carving out its own design on the rocks

A love that is fierce and abundant and yet fits into our human hearts, a never-ending reflection of His glory.

A design of His created to magnify another side of God’s face. It is home.

It is the snuggled envelopment of a blanket, it is the arms and legs of a child wrapping your body in love.

It is the gentle touch of a husband.

It is the thoughtfulness of friends.

It is stepping out and knowing you will be held. 

It is the nudge of God when you neglect to pray.

It is the words given to speak when no words can be found.

It is barefeet in the sand, the sunshine on your face, the unexpected in a day of routine.

It is our anthem, our beat, our rhythm given only to us to sing our song of triumph and redemption.

It is our heartbeat, our purpose, our fingerprint on the world. He is the compass on our own path, a path designed only for us. 

It is unique, it is ours and it is a free gracious gift so we can be extraordinary.

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