Waiting for God

I have an amazing husband who I have been with for twenty one years. He is patient, kind, an amazing father, funny, loyal and a fantastic cook (that is important too) but he is not a Christian. He believes in God but is not born again. I have been praying a great deal for him to find God so we can grow together in our faith but as yet it hasn’t happened. I have been praying pretty much everyday about this and asking if today may be the day that he is filled with the Holy Spirit. I have been getting sad about the fact is hasn’t happened yet but listening to a podcast today I had a realization. The podcast said that in the winter, when the trees are bare, when they are in a season of waiting for spring, the trees are not panicking that they will not blossom again but are busy resting and growing roots which is what a season of waiting can do for us. We can see through the trees with much more clarity when it is winter. A period of waiting should be a period of action. We should be using this time to learn more about God’s nature. As I prayed again for my husband the Holy Spirit asked if I really thought He wouldn’t make this happen and reminded me that Jim is His child just as I am and I should pray differently for him. My prayers should be a reminder that He loves him so today I prayed differently,

Dear God,

I am thankful that my husband is the apple of your eye (Deut 32:10). Thank you that your love for my husband endures forever (Psalm 136:26). Thank you that nothing can separate my husband from your love. He is more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who strengthens him (Romans 8:37-39). I thank you that your love for my husband cannot be shaken (Is 54:10). I thank you that your love for my husband is compassionate, merciful and faithful (Psalm 86:15). I am thankful that you rejoice over my husband with singing (Zeph 3:17). Thank you that your love is my husband’s refuge. Nothing will come to him or upon him except your love (Psalm 5:11-12)


This prayer reminds me of the nature of a God who loves us. It is a prayer of power and not of fear. If this period of waiting is needed to show me more of the true nature of God and keeps allowing me to bear fruit then I will keep waiting happily, worshiping a God who is faithful. What is God trying to teach you in your period of waiting?

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